Friday, June 8, 2012

You have been invited to see my private book submission portfolio!

I send this site only to an invited few for book submissions, feedback and opportunities for representation, collaboration and publishing. 
                                            Please enjoy and do send me your greetings at... or

                       Here are my two newest book concepts in progress.

         The Adventures of Pajama Boy!  


 The Boy Who Already Knew Everything!

                                      Great for "full spectrum mutli-media production" as well! 
                         ( TV shows, kid  apps, enhanced ebooks, cereal, play sets, plush toys, tee shirts)
Here are my 2 newest concept books on display in The Gallery juror-ed Art show at KWU this Spring

I drew this up at Stony Brook South Hampton Writer's Conference Summer 2011 for the magical Peter H. Reynolds and deliciously talented  Emma Walton Hamilton's Workshops.
Here is Pajama Boy done in orange monster fur, planets and 3-D for the Art Show! Hey, who say's books can't be furry! Picture the TV Show, Movie and Enhanced e book, Game and Pajama sales!

OK, so what is the best grammatical arrangement of this book title? Another concept I had and then drew up at the South Hampton conference on a blank Peter H. Reynolds book, from My Little Big Books of a Zillion Meaingfull Ideas.

Here is one version of the book cover concept. I like to work from Idea to Concept Cover to the entire book, at least at this time. My Visual concepts and theatrical thinking help me complete conceptualizing the whole story with action and drama as a  play or film unfolds. I will be doing a few more versions of this cover till I get it where I like it best, and then continue the story inside. I want the cover to be a bit more lively... as he does know everything, you know..